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There is a requirement to speak a few words of introduction for this page, not only as it became the second page in a random series of unordered pages, nor to speak directly to the fallacious fact of its' spontaneous generation, but merely to its very existential nature. A third, yet ineluctably inescapable fact that does arise apparent is the observation that this as well, is one of the most visitor-interactive-engaging pages on the net as it now exists. One cannot escape the blatant instance (as in a problem to be solved) serving to illustrate a rule or precept or to act as an exercise in the application of such a rule, the example of the user-has-to-do-the-input in the "Eye Colors of the World" survey poll. In this instance, and certainly this is not the case in all instances, merely as I say in this instance, the visitor must actively and physically hover the input device, in this case we shall call it a "mouse", over a particular radio button, "click" the left side of the mouse to select that radio, and then select the "submit" button, remain suspended over and click once more, for the vote to be recorded and become part of the population, which we will refer to as "n". If this were an archaeological dig in Argentina, perhaps the rules would change, but for the point at hand we shall remain with the afore-nomenclated n.

As well, included in and forming a constituent part of this page, are various and sundry photos which I have included. Some are favourites, some not real favourites, but ones which I included at any rate. And now, on with the fun with those radio buttons! I do apologize for holding you in abeyance for this extended period of time, but felt it necessary to openly and frankly, in a manner which will become consistent, give a brief introplanation for the very existence of this page of fun, frivolity and perhaps-overdone user-interactivity! Remember, insanity may be your only means of relaxation!

Cast your vote... ↓This is Pamela↓ Getting a bit personal...

your picture here

A rare glimpse of the 
notorious Web-
Developer and Digit-
ographer Graduation 
day, I think. What, 
couldn't find a white 
shirt to wear? What 
degree was that? Do 
I remember? Like 
hardly! Does it 
really matter? Like 
hardly! Do I mind 
having my pic beside 
Pamela and Britney? 
Like hardly! And, I 
like to reminisce 
with people I don't 
Brit Brit Brit
your picture hereWaT EvEr!
There shall, in that time, be rumours of things going astray, and there shall be great confusion as to where things really are,and nobody will really know where lieth those little things with the sort of raffia work base that has an attachment. At this time, a friend shall lose his friend's hammer and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o'clock.
your picture hereBloody Do-Gooder!
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Look Pauley! They're back!
A Supertime with Supertramp!

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